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"I love erenjaegerindisguise more than life. <3 love you mommy."

Submitted by: ask-pocket-eren

Though she’s not always on, I absolutely love springershortie and her portrayal of Connie Springer. I haven’t seen another like her.”

Submitted by: reconcorpglutton

"I know I haven’t actually roleplayed that much yet (because of the whole anon hate thing yesterday), but even so, I’ve felt incredibly welcome in this fandom after only being here for… even less than a day! At first I was nervous because everyone seemed to know everyone, and I felt like I was intruding on some big group. But that’s not the case at all. I can tell I’m gonna be in the SnK RP community for a long time!"

Submitted by: effective-eccentricity

((Mod: Anon, trust me. the absolute LAST THING I want this blog to become is elitist. I created this blog because seeing all the hate going around this fandom upset me on a level I couldnt explain in words.

So, I thought this would be a good tool for people to spread some love.

See, I used to be a member of the Soul Eater fandom and there was a blog like this one that encouraged people to spread love.

Trust me, if this blog ever turns into a tool for hate, tell me and i’ll delete it in an instant. ))

redscarfed-girl is a sweet and brilliant Mikasa and I absolutely love seeing her on my dash!”

Submitted by: Anon

This confession is going to sound extremely lame! But as an SNK OC Blog I honestly did not expect to get much attention. Imagine my surprise when I found so much love and support from the community! I may or may not have cried from joy because of it. I’ve made great friends here and while I’m not the best roleplayer, I am more than overjoyed that you guys still RP with me. Thank you all, it means so much to me!”

Submitted by: mixedbloods

twtitans is a very welcome sight on my blog and the mun is hilarious! Their rp’s are nothing short of awesome”

Submitted by: Anon

"What shocked me so much about the SNK community at first was how protective and kind everyone was on the first day I arrived here and received anonymous negativity. The wave of responses and messages were extremely heartwarming and endearing. Thank you all for making my stay thus far very enjoyable."

Submitted by: the-adamant

This might be really stupid but I think a good idea would be to have a tag page with the characters compliments so if u clicked on Mikasa you could see all the mikasa compliments or something? Just an idea

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